Custom Orders specialises in creating all-in-one unique items of clothing tailored to your needs and desires. We also offer individuals and organisations a chance to fully customise the Onesie!

Custom Onesies are a great asset to clubs and societies as a way of boosting pride and are a practical item in sport, especially for pre and post sport warm ups and cool downs.

Furthermore for companies and organisations, customised onesies provide a great marketing tool to get their brand out there in a trendy manner.

We have worked with University Halls, Football Clubs and other organisations up and down the country. So feel free to get in contact!

How it works?

The process of designing your all-in-one item could not be any easier.

  1. Firstly let us know via email ( what you and your organisation require.
  2. Then our graphics team will draw you up a set of designs.
  3. After that you tell us what design you like and if you want any amendments.
  4. Then we will quote you depending on the quantity you are looking to purchase and the complexity of the design.
  5. Then we can make your onesies and deliver them to your doorstep in roughly 4 weeks.


If you are interested then feel free to email us at and we can work with you to make the perfect all-in-one for your organisation.